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Your First Yoga Class

April 19 2013

First time at yoga- what do you need?

Have you ever gone out somewhere and realized you were WAY under dressed? Or shown up to a Halloween party full pirate costume, bird on the shoulder and all just to find out it’s a Halloween party, not a costume party? Even right now, thinking about those moments you probably have that tight stressful feeling in your throat and you may even be blushing a little, amazing that even the thought can do that right?   That feeling of utter distress and embarrassment is what causes us to be so uneasy about trying new things. When we are trying something new, we don’t know how to prepare ourselves for what’s about to happen or what we may need to be as comfortable and successful as possible. Everytime I show up somewhere unprepared and looking insanely uncomfortable, which happens more often than I would like to admit to, people throw out the saying,” Yeah, I remember my first time…” . When people say that to me I just want to look them straight in the eyes and say, ” YEAH!? Thanks for the forewarning. Coulda’ given me the manual so I didn’t have to look like a fool! Geez.” That is why I am here saying: “Yoga…Yeah, I remember my first time”. This is about as close to a manual for your first time in a yoga class as I can give you, hopefully it will help you show up comfortable and prepared for anything those crazy back-bending teachers will throw at you.

Things you should bring

1. Yoga mat. Preferably a mat that is not too slippery! A few mats I have tried and loved are Manduka, Jade, and the ever so popular LULU Lemon THE MAT.  Yogi Toe mat towels are great if your mat is slick!  If you don’t have a mat, Bala has them available to rent for a small fee or to be purchased, also Yogi Toe mat towels are able to be rented or purchased!

2. Face towel. You will get sweaty in class and nothing is worse than sweat in your eyes!  If you forget one or it’s laundry day at your house, Bala has them to rent as well.

3. Appropriate clothing. You want them to be easy to move around in, not too heavy and easy breathing fabric.  Probably want to do the bend and look check to make sure you can’t see straight through your pants, noticing after class your leggings are sheer is pretty devastating. Trust me… not good. Bala has a pretty good amount of different yoga pants and shirts for sale, and they are looking into carrying even more… and they are so amazingly cute! OH! Ladies, don’t forget a hair band or head band… handstands are hard enough without your hair getting caught under your hands. 🙂

4. WATER. Ever been to Vegas, Arizona, or anywhere warm, like the thick humid kind of warm?  Water is gold. You’ll be in a heated room and sweating quite a bit. I use a Bala Do Yoga water bottle because I love that they are made in the USA and it’s awesome to rep some yoga gear even when I’m not actually in class, not to mention the sweet spinning lid . Bala has water to purchase for 2$ and its COLD which is so amazing during a class, also they have a few different types of water bottles to buy… one of them is glass and it says “LOVE BIG” which is pretty rad!  Drink water before, during and after!

5.OPEN MIND. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous about attending a yoga class and having the idea that everyone else in the class is going to be a yoga master crazy guru. I can guarantee that will NEVER be the case, which is why we come back to our practice. Nothing is ever perfect, no one is ever a MASTER. There will be all levels of students in every class, even people who have been practicing for years come back to the foundation building classes. Come to class with an open mind, and let the anxiety of attending your first class be excitement instead. 🙂  Everyone has their first day some day, right?!

Hopefully this calms your nerves about joining us here at Bala Yoga!  I know we are all always excited to see new students coming in the studio, because it’s crazy exciting to see someone realize that they actually LOVE yoga! It’s amazing to see people start the journey we all call yoga! You’ll be happy you gave yourself the opportunity to come and grow with us!

See you soon?! Of course I will. 🙂

-Lindsay Lu

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.”
~ Japanese Proverb

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