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The Aptitude of a Positive Mind

March 22 2012

In times of struggle and despair, it becomes fairly easy to succumb to negativity. Negative thinking tends to bring an individual into a downward spiral, which imprisons the them in a state of set backs.  Positive thinking, however, has massive amounts of power for a single individual to release themselves from that prison.  Optimism commonly uproots from concept of, “self-talk”.  That inner voice streaming through your mind, constantly perceiving situations on the spectrum of good or bad.  Buddha once said, “Your mind is everything.  What you think you become”.  If you’re on the 20th day of your Spring Yoga Challenge and you think to yourself, “I can do this.  This will only make me stronger, I will achieve the greatness that I know I have inside of me”.  Your self talk will allow you to achieve the greatness of accomplishment that everyone holds inside of them.

Photograph by: Gosia Janik

        Positive thinking also yields success.  The optimism of personal strength and power to move forward will allow you to accomplish all that you desire.   Keeping your focus on opportunity as opposed to limitations opens your life to experience because you allow yourself to go places you never thought you could.  All of this power to create begins with the mind.  Positive affirmations will allow you to accomplish your goals with your yoga experience here at Bala Yoga, as well as in all other aspects of life.

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