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Tiffany Cruikshank Teacher Training Immersion

with Tiffany Cruikshank


February 23-26, 2016


8 AM - 5PM


Bala Yoga, Seattle


$500 before Jan 20th or $595 after

Register Here

Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.


This immersion looks at the anatomy and function of the hip and dysfunction that can occur here, exploring common injuries of the hip and how to work with students to heal problems in this area by personalizing the practice. With an understanding of the anatomy, you can learn how to apply the practice in an adaptable and personalized approach for any level, style of yoga or body.

                TIFFANY BIOGRAPHY

unnamed (2)Tiffany Cruikshank is the founder & visionary behind Yoga Medicine, a community of expert yoga teachers focused on fusing the best of anatomy & western medicine with the traditional practice of yoga. Over the past 20 years of teaching yoga Tiffany’s classes have evolved to reflect her creativity and passion for using yoga as a form of medicine for the mind, body & spirit. With her medical background in Acupuncture & Sports Medicine, her classes are guided by a strong anatomic focus and her ability to teach a deeper understanding of complex subjects. Recognized more broadly as a health & wellness expert, Tiffany has worked with professional athletes and celebrities from around the world. She has run her own clinics and was the Acupuncturist & Yoga Teacher at the Nike World Headquarters and has been featured as an expert in numerous publications including Yoga Journal, Prevention, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Self, Marie Claire, Fitness Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Mantra Magazine, Thrive, More Magazine, OM Yoga, YogaLife and many others.

“You can take class with her on or check out her book, Optimal Health For A Vibrant Life, a 30 day detox for yogis.”


Schedule / Seattle: Morning Practice (8-10am) / Afternoon Lecture (1-5pm)


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