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Mike Baiocchi Thinks Your Diet Should Be As Unique As You Are

June 13 2017

Metabolic Typing nutrition for a balanced diet

Michael Baiocchi breaks down Metabolic Typing and how this approach to nutrition can be used to create a diet customized for your metabolism.

What’s your type?

No this isn’t your blood type and its not a DNA test . . . Your metabolic type is what I’m referring to. There are a few institutes using Metabolic Typing as a way to fine tune your diet and create real health building programs through the foods we eat and combinations of macronutrient ratios. A company called Health Excel founded by William Wolcott and based on the best selling book Metabolic Typing Diet, has established itself as the leading source for Metabolic Typing tests and customized programs. Over 8 years ago I went through two levels of their training and have worked with hundreds of clients since. This is what I’ve learned and in the most basic way, this is what Metabolic Typing is.

Metabolic Typing looks at each individual as uniquely as their fingerprints. Each of us derive from a different ancestral background and each of us require unique foods and ratios of foods to perform at an optimal level. Metabolic Typing is done through a series of questionnaires that identify what metabolic type you are and helps create a baseline food list and macronutrient ratio guideline for you to start with. Unlike one-size fits all diets, Metabolic Typing takes some fine tuning beyond the initial test results and requires you to do some investigating into how certain foods make you feel. Only then can we really create a meal plan and supplement program that is as unique as your fingerprint!

So what are the different types? There are three categories that we will focus on for this explanation. We have a slow oxidizer type, a mixed type and a fast oxidizer type. For the sake of this article we wont go further than these three types. However, within each main type there are 3 other types that identify which system of the nervous system or oxidative system are most dominant.

What makes your metabolic type so unique is that it identifies which foods and macronutrient ratios (proteins, fats, carbs) create the optimal conversion of food to energy. What does this mean? Sustained energy from your food creates sustainable energy in our body, weight normalization, better sleep, improved detoxification, hormonal balance, mental clarity, elimination of sweet cravings and so much more. When Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” he was referring to food that fits your metabolic type. To prove this theory, you have all probably seen what happens when you try to follow a diet that worked well for your friend or significant other, but does not work for you. Food will be your medicine when you uncover what foods bring you energy and how to eat those foods. Don’t worry, Metabolic Typing will help you easily uncover this dilemma.

Now back to those three types. A slow type is also know as a carbohydrate type, requiring more carbohydrates in their meals to perform their best. A mixed type is somewhere in the middle, a balanced carb to protein/fat diet and a fast type requires more protein/fat and little carbs. From my experience, most clients I work with come in as a fast type or mixed type. A great diagram that shows the effects of too much carbohydrates or too much fat / protein can be seen below. If you visualize your dinner plate. there is protein, fats and carbs. Without using scales to weigh our food (which Metabolic Typing does not do), we visualize our plate and how its divided into these three metabolic types. Once you understand your metabolic type you will be able to simply see your foods, choose the right foods and be on your way to great health building!

Metabolic Typing nutrition for a balanced diet

If you are interested in taking the basic Metabolic Typing quiz today, you can download this form and get started! You can take this information and start planing your macronutrient ratios right away. To go further into your metabolic foods and receive help with planning meals, shopping lists, fine tuning diet, and more, you can work with a certified Metabolic Typing advisor like myself. When doing so, the advance questionnaire is much more detailed and in-depth. Please contact me at if you wish to take the advanced quiz and mention this blog for 25% off!

Some tips to take away from this that will serve you well and some things I tell all of my clients are:

  1. LISTEN to your body!
  2. ALWAYS combine proteins and fats with carbohydrates. Never have carbs alone!
  3. Minimize microwave usage.
  4. Go organic!
  5. You’re as healthy as the animal, plant, or fruit you are eating.
  6. There is no such thing as a breakfast food!
  7. Drink water between meals. Chew your food until it is liquid!
  8. If you experience sugar cravings, use 500‐1000mg of l‐glutamine upon rising and between meals.

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