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From the mat | Teacher Training

March 1 2013

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Yoga Teachers Training with Les.  One thing for certain is that it is more than just getting a RYT-200 certification.  I am learning so much about yoga not only deepening my knowledge and physical portions of it, but also advancing me along my own spiritual journey.

An additional highlight is that I got a chance to meet 27 awesome people during this training.  They have not only become good friends but also have helped build a great yoga community.  Hopefully we can share our yoga experiences and knowledge with the rest of the world.   Six days a week of intensive training is tough, but time flies by so quickly.  I only know that I need to push through it in a month.  I’d like to express my gratitude to my teacher, Les Leventhal and his two assistants, Julie Watson and Nacera Mekki.  Without the Bala Yoga studio providing us this opportunity and its wonderful environment, my journey would have never begun.  Namastate.”

Rachel Lu-Brown

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