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Pre-natal Emotional Release

with Dr. Madison Snevily


August 9, 2015


1 PM - 2:30 PM


Bala Yoga, Kirkland


$25 per person


The birthing process can be a very emotional time for the mom-to-be. How
wonderful would it be, to be able to naturally help the body let go of
past and present stresses so the new momma can be utterly present during
her birth and with her new baby? This unique emotional release technique
helps provide the pregnant mother with safe and effect tools to “let go”
of negative emotional pathways that may otherwise manifest themselves
physically and can cause longer, more painful labors.

This technique utilizes:

  • Acupressure points
  • Acupuncture meridian specific movement pattern
  • Deep breathing
  • Spinal-acupunctural correlations
  • Visualization and release of specific emotions in correlation with the acupuncture meridians

While this class is geared towards pregnant moms, anyone can benefit from
it! A yoga mat is required as there will be both movement and meditative
like parts to the workshop. A handout will be supplied to take home and
use as needed in one’s self-practice.

About Dr. Madison: Dr. Madison and her husband own Full of Life Holistics. They are both wellness chiropractors serving Kirkland and the surrounding areas. Their
philosophy is that true health comes from a well-balanced lifestyle
physically, nutritionally and mentally/emotionally. Dr. Madison
specializes in pregnancy and pediatric care- she loves what she does and
loves empowering women to have their best birth experience possible!

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