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New Moon Raw Cacao & Sacred Fire Ceremony

with Elli Yokochi


Oct 20, Nov 20, Dec 17


6 PM - 8 PM


Bala Yoga Kirkland


Suggested Donation $33


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Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

You are invited to experience a Sacred Raw Cacao & Fire Ceremony during the potency of the New Moon.  Allow the wisdom of the cacao plant and the transformational power of fire to assist you on your journey as a conscious co-creator.  The new moon is when we plant seeds of intention for manifestation of our deepest soul desires.

Raw, ceremonial grade cacao, has been used for centuries as medicine of the heart, opening the heart, connecting us to universal love and unlocking euphoric states. CACAO (Theobroma Cacao) is known as “Food of the Gods.” It connects your left and right brain hemispheres, balancing male and female energies, enhances creativity, promotes embodiment of new learning, among many other spiritual benefits.

Elli will concoct a ceremonial grade cacao elixir fit for Gods/Goddesses to invite the spirit & wisdom of this plant to guide you on your New Moon journey.

We will also participate in a traditional shamanic fire ceremony to release the energy of your intentions to spirit.  Connect with your tribe, the forces of nature, and experience the bliss of higher-self embodiment during this new moon gathering.

Live gong and shamanic drumming will accompany this beautiful sacred space. Additional ceremonial activities may also include: meditation, journaling, sacred movement/dance, group check-in, chanting or song, and angel cards, depending on the guidance we receive in the moment.

What to Bring:
journal, pen, something for the altar, rattle or drum if you have one

Upcoming Dates:
Dec 17, 6-8pm

Elli is a spiritual energy healer, yoga instructor and modern day shaman. She aligns planetary healers to the magic of their soul purpose.  She is trained in Brennan Healing Science energy healing techniques and has also completed training through the Gateway School of Shamanism.  Her own healing journey led her to remember her true soul purpose as a planetary healer and lightworker. Learn more at

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