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Monthly Sound Bath Healing

with Christine Urbina, Loretta Brown, Richard Grace + more!


Monthly - See Description for Upcoming Dates


See Description for Times


Bala Fremont + Bala Kirkland


$20 (Pre-Register); $30 (At Door)


Register Here
Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

Announcing Monthly Sound Baths at the Fremont + Kirkland studios!

Imagine lying quietly in a beautiful space, listening to the divine sounds of crystal bowls, flutes, drum, rattle or voice chanting ancient mantra.

Imagine this sound moving through your body, mind and spirit….cleansing, restoring, rejuvenating, harmonizing and awakening your consciousness to a higher level.

Now, imagine this sound helping you release and heal that which needs to be healed, and then carrying you forward into a beautifully resonant life.

You can experience all of this and more, by attending one of our gentle and powerful monthly sound baths. Each month will be a different experience curated by our resident sound bath practitioners. Come prepared for transformation. Once you’ve had your first sound bath, you will want more.

Wear comfortable clothing. Have a mat, blanket and covering for the eyes. Be well hydrated. Lie in Savasana. The experience lasts about an hour.

Upcoming Sound Bath Dates

  • December 16th 7:30-9pm w/ Richard Grace (Kirkland) **Winter Solstice Sound Bath
  • December 30th 7-8pm w/ Christine Urbina (Fremont) **New Years Prep Sound Bath
  • January 13th 7-8pm w/ Christine Urbina (Fremont)
  • January 28th 7:30-8:30pm w/ Loretta Brown (Kirkland)
  • March 25th 7:30-8:30pm w/ Loretta Brown (Kirkland)

Early Bird Discount

  • Enter Promo Code “SBEarly” at checkout to receive Early Bird pricing

About Our Resident Practitioners

  • Loretta Brown, owner of Reiki Oasis, is an experienced professional musician, chanting master, and performer of Oasis Sound Baths.
  • Christine Urbina is a sixth sensory healer and spiritual teacher. Her path has unfolded into a place of divine knowing and healing capabilities. Her close relationship with higher guidance, guides, angels, and spiritual archetypes allows her the ability to relay profound information and healing vibrations that are not commonly accessed on this Earth plane.
  • Richard Grace is a classical pianist and organist, and former college professor in music. He has studied and taught meditation for many years, and began teaching yoga in 2012. He specializes in working with the chakras, and uses sound and chanting to open and clear the energy centers of the body. His sound bath events use 26 Alchemical Crystal Singing bowls to attune, relax and heal the body. Richard does a variety of workshops and you can find him on Facebook (Richard Grace) and Instagram (richardgraceyoga).

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