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Jonah Kest Weekend Workshops

with Jonah Kest


April 21 - April 23, 2017


4/21 6 PM - 7:15 PM, 4/22 10:30 AM - 12 PM, 4/23 9:30 AM - 11 AM


Bala Yoga Seattle and Kirkland


Single $30 early bird, $35 after 3/31 - Buy all 3 for $90


Register Here
Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

Friday Night 6 PM Seattle – Hip Hop Vinyasa  (75 mins) 

Join Jonah Kest for a breathtaking practice…The balance of ancient asana, dynamic flow, and modern day hip hop beats are sure to ignite your spirit! This 75 minute experience will leave you feeling energized and free! Come feel the raw connection of body and mind through vinyasa yoga!

Saturday 10:30 AM Seattle – Beautiful Mind, Beautiful Body  (90 – mins)

Happiness and vitality appear in life only when our juices are abundant and free flowing. We are all in danger of becoming stuck, rigid, and dried up, both physically and emotionally, due to the choices we make. Rasayana is the path of rejuvenation. Vinyasa is the path of fluidity. Come experience a juicy beautiful practice of growth and transformation where you will uncover your inner beauty and enhance the sweetness and flow of your life…

Sunday 9:30 AM Kirkland  – Vinyasa Immersion (90 mins) 

In this 90 min class you will break through old habits and barriers that hinder you from connection and unconditional love! Each energetic sequence will explore hip and heart openers as well as inversions and twists! Jonah’s incredible music and supportive stories and themes will wring you out – leaving you with a stronger body and calmer, less reactive mind. Join Jonah Kest for an entirely uplifting and wholesome vinyasa experience!!

*All workshops are non refundable and non transferable

About Jonah

Jonah Kest was born into a yoga legacy. With his father, vinyasa yoga pioneer Jonny Kest, and his mother, Milla Kest, as one of the first yoga business owners and yoga teacher training programs in the Midwest – he was destined to follow the path.

At the age of three, Jonah was walking the yoga room with his dad and shortly thereafter he began to learn the importance of a daily practice and evening meditation.

While his early interests included basketball, boxing and running track, it became very clear that strength without flexibility would be a hard path. His breath became the very partner that he sought in every activity, every relationship, every moment.

Enter Ashtanga Yoga.

At 17, Jonah trained under his father to become a teacher. His passion and grace was evident. His equanimity strengthened with a daily meditation sit and it was a natural evolution to teach. The mind-body connection influenced his life — sharing the practice changed it.

Today, Jonah is a well traveled ashtanga/vinyasa teacher whose classes are both graceful and intense. Impermanence, compassion and humility are just a few of the elements that Jonah seamlessly weaves through each healing practice. His plant based diet and love for creating raw, rich, vegan meals has also become a passion and healing modality.

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