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Guatemalan Chocolate Ceremony

with Aaron and Milena


July 26, 2015


1 PM - 4 PM


Bala Yoga, Kirkland


$55 - $65


Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

Sacred Temple Journey
…a Guatemalan chocolate ceremony…

Do you treat your body, your spirit, and your heart as a Temple? As a sensuous prayer for life? Do you yearn for deeper and more intimate connections with yourself, your community, and the Earth? In this journey, our sacred chocolate will invite all your senses to come out and play to explore these relationships.

Awaken your senses to the magical properties of Sacred Cacao harvested from the ancestral grounds of the Maya in Guatemala. According to both archeologists and Mayan spiritual elders, the Cacao Spirit was one of the most powerful deities in ancient Mayan cosmology. This particular Cacao is harvested directly from the Mayan Guatemalan highlands and is used in ceremonies with our teachers Keith Wilson and Mayan Shamanic ‘Day Keeper’ Isiais Mendoza from Lago Atitlán, Guatemala. Cacao is well known for bringing a glow to the soul, and elixir for your heart. It can bring your creativity to new places and open an intimate and sensual container for all your relationships in life. Those within the Cacao community view it as “the food for the shift.” The shift to aligning our mind as our guide and the heart as our leader. In this journey we are inviting you to partner with the spirit of this sacred Cacao as we venture deeply into your inner Temple, explore the power of intention, and experience a meditation tool that you can utilize to connect in a deeper way with yourself. This tool will help each person bring their intentions, inner work, personal creativity, and relationships to a peak.

As you enter the space of the workshop, you will be entering a sensual world of the Temple. The journey will begin as you walk through the door and enter our sacred space. You will be welcomed with smells, tastes, and the sounds of a safe, magical haven. Welcome to your chocolate sanctuary for the soul. We will begin by having a ceremony exploring the benefits of this Cacao from a physical perspective to a spiritual perspective. We will explore your intentions for being here and then we will take you into your own personal Temple and explore it in ways that will help you understand more about who you are, what you desire, and what is asking for your attention (what wants to transform?).

What if you could connect with your own inner sanctuary in a magical, yet practical way that would give you access to the wealth of wisdom and personal potential that awaits within you?

Reveal the beauty and truth of Who You Are.
Part One:

We begin serving the Cacao and opening the circle in preparation for our ceremony. It takes 30-45 min until participants start feeling the Cacao. We will also give an introduction to Cacao, a brief history, medicinal benefits, its magical role as a facilitator in our daily lives/relationships/ceremonies/business, and its important role in the new paradigm. Those who participate will also have the opportunity to purchase blocks of Cacao directly from us, be given recipes on how/why to prepare it, and information on how to purchase the Cacao we use.

Part Two:

After the first 30 minutes, we will begin with a tool we call “Templing.” It is opportunity to take a journey within, to explore a sacred Temple inside which mirrors the journeys that we lead to sacred sites in Central America. This meditation tool will help each person bring their intentions, their inner work, and their personal creativity to a peak.

Part Three:

Introduce a sacred circling tool that facilitates an immediate & intimate connection between individuals in a community, in a business, in a relationship, in a family. We have witnessed this tool inspire people, create more loving relationships, allow people to let go of years of shame and guilt, to feel heard in ways they may never have, and blossom heart-centered connections with people they’ve never met. We intend to create a container where everyone feels safe, loved, and celebrated to feel comfortable sharing whatever is present in their lives.

About: Running Buffalo Journeys is a community-driven company leading transformational road trips and workshops that are based on the power of intention and revealing the beauty and truth of Who You Are. We travel from shores of Lake Atitlán, Guatemala carrying sacred offerings from the roots of the Cacao Spirit, the ancestral lineage seeded by the Maya. We bring the gathered wisdom of the Cacao Shaman Keith Wilson, and Mayan Day Keeper Isaias Mendoza, our teachers and friends. They have dedicated their lives to spreading the wisdom and healing potential of ceremonial grade Cacao through their Cacao School in Lake Atitlán.


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