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Eoin Finn Weekend Workshops

with Eoin Finn


September 16 + 17, 2017


Sat 1-3:30 PM, Sun 11 AM - 1:30 PM


Sat - Bala Fremont, Sun - Bala Kirkland


Single $40 (Before 9/1), $50 (After 9/1) - Both Workshops for $75 (Before 9/1), $90 (After 9/1)


Register Here
Email or call 425 898 4347 for more information.

Bala Yoga is honored to host Eoin Finn at the Fremont + Kirkland studios this September! Eoin will join us for one workshop at each studio, offering teachings founded in Blissology, Eoin’s yoga system for exploring strategies to bring more joy, awe, love and bliss into our lives. Join us for one or both workshops, and experience his world-renowned teachings for yourself.

Saturday 1PM Fremont – Loose, Free and Happy

The art of yoga is to tune into the wisdom of the body so we may better understand when to relax and when to be strong. This class will definitely increase your fitness and flexibility, but that’s just the beginning.

Expect a fluid Blissology flow practice that will embrace the fire when it’s time to work and will let go and reconnect to inner bliss when it’s time to relax. Be ready to feel supremely loose, free and happy. There will be plenty of modifications available to make this flow accessible to all levels of practitioners.

Sunday 11AM Kirkland – Twist It, Sister!

Twists are an ecstatic way to broaden our horizons, expand our range of motion, loosen the hips and stabilize the spine. They make us feel younger, freeing the side body muscles, invigorating our spirit and detoxing the belly organs. It is incredible though how much deeper and safer you can make both twists and hip opening using specific Blissology Alignment Principles. Expect to work in detail but also be prepared to experience a flowing and deep vinyasa yoga class that will have you not wanting to operate heavy machinery for a while. Come taste the bliss waiting to be set free in this hips and twist class. Not just for sisters, but yoga brothers can join in the bliss as well.

About Eoin Finn

Yogi, Surfer and Blissologist Eoin Finn is the founder of Blissology Yoga, which allows the wisdom of our innermost heart to guide our relationships with our bodies, our communities, and nature. Eoin is passionate about bringing spirituality down to earth and reclaiming quiet time in nature as the greatest spiritual portal and our best source of health and happiness. As an ocean activist, he started the Blissology EcoKarma project, raising aid and awareness through yoga for the world’s imperiled coral reefs. He’s been featured in Oprah, InStyle, Vogue, the New York Times and Yoga Journal. Learn more at

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