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B Yogi: Carla Hassell

October 23 2017

seattle yoga teacher carla hassellCarla Hassell is a lady with great presence. Her warmth is immediately palpable, and her down to earth nature makes you feel welcome in her company. In conversation, she keeps things light, and will have you giggling as all your worries melt away. She has been teaching at Bala since the beginning, and has been practicing even longer. Despite her love for teaching and training she still makes time to travel, and witness different cultures. She believes that love and kindness plus great food, family and friends are what give rise to a happy life.

Since Carla’s light has been inspiring us for so long, its finally the time to sit down and get to know this beautiful woman.

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Seattle Yoga Teacher Carla HassellName: Carla Hassell
Seattle Neighborhood: Kirkland
Years Teaching Yoga: 8 years
Other Trainings or Services You Offer: Private Yoga Classes
Zodiac Sign: Leo

seattle yoga teacher carla hassell

Can you tell how you came to this practice and why yoga stuck for you?

I started yoga with Bikram yoga about 15 years ago. At the time I was looking for something different than “going to the gym” which it’s not my thing at all. It was midwinter, it was warm and I was getting my exercise. After a while I tried a Vinyasa class. The practice brought me a lot of peace of mind and benefits that I haven’t experienced before, much more than just physical.

You are a yoga teacher. Tell us a bit about your style of teaching?

I teach a very balanced practice. I make my classes accessible and challenging to everyone. My sequence is designed to calm the mind and nourish the body.

What does your morning routine look like?

Meditation and pranayama before I go out the door to teach or practice.

seattle yoga teacher carla hassell

What are you currently working on in your personal practice?

My home practice isn’t perfect. Some days I have time to do a full practice, it can be a Yin or Vinyasa, and other days I have time to do just a few poses. Lately,  I’ve been studying a lot of yoga philosophy, and I’ve been dedicating myself to meditation.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Utthita Trikonasana – Extended  triangle pose. I love this pose because it strengthens the physical and emotional bodies, it allows us to bring extension to the muscles that need it the most, therefore it creates space for emotional release and healing.

seattle yoga teacher carla hassell

What keeps you inspired, where do you look?

My inspiration comes from good books, Ashtanga Yoga, yoga videos from experienced teachers. The energy from my students, the five elements, and my  husband also keep me inspired.

What do you do to unwind?

I love hanging out with my husband and my friends. Good company, food and a glass of wine usually do the trick.

If you had to eat your last meal on earth, what would it be?

Any meal can be my last. So I always make sure I eat well. I like so many things, this is a tough one.

seattle yoga teacher carla hassell

Your life is a movie, what is the title song off the soundtrack?

City of Stars – La La Land

If someone was entirely new to Seattle what three experiences or places would you point them to?

  1. Space Needle
Kerry Park in Queen Anne
  3. Hiking anywhere in the Pacific Northwest

seattle yoga teacher carla hassell

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