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B Yogi: Audrey Sutton

August 17 2017


Audrey Sutton is a yogi with big heart. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of taking her class, you’ve been embraced by a beautiful dance of flow, breath, and love that drop you deeper into your essence. There is a harmony to her teaching that brings you closer to your own heart while simultaneously connecting you to other yogis in the room. In her presence, you come to understand that whoever you, however you feeling, it’s all ok.

We’ve long been inspired by Audrey’s overwhelming capacity for love and kindness. So today, we’re sitting down and getting to know this amazing woman a little bit more.

Join Audrey’s Evolution of a Yogi master class series for teachers, or sign up for her yin, massage, and wine Anahata Chakra Melt workshop in early October! 

Seattle Yoga Teacher

Name: Audrey Sutton
Seattle Neighborhood: I live in Kent, but would rather live in Seattle
Years Teaching Yoga: 7
Other Trainings or Services You Offer: Master Teacher Classes, international retreats, yoga workshops, teen yoga and meditation
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn

Can you tell how you came to this practice and why yoga stuck for you?

I owned a real estate company in Silicon Valley with 100 employees. As is the case with too many working professionals, I was massively over-worked, highly stressed and not emotionally or spiritually fulfilled. I felt pretty empty.

Fortunately, I re-discovered yoga. I was in a gentle yoga class for Senior Citizens and during savasana I lay on the floor sobbing cleansing tears. This was the beginning of my journey.

You are a yoga teacher. Tell us a bit about your style of teaching?

I believe yoga is just movement of our body to create more space for us to connect to our souls. While I enjoy teaching vinyasa and yin, my real intention is for you to connect to your breath, the intuitive wisdom of your body and find a deeper connection and love for yourself.

What does your morning routine look like?

I wake up and do 5 minutes of gratitude meditation, followed by open awareness meditation for 20 minutes. Then I read 10 minutes from my inspirational poem book, and practice yoga for the next hour followed by a beautiful omelet. Who am I kidding! Most mornings, I wake up after hitting the snooze button, followed with a 5 minute gratitude meditation in bed, make a coffee and a smoothie before heading out the door.

What are you currently working on in your personal practice?

My personal practice is my life practice, not just what I physically do on my yoga mat. I am currently created SHEinspires, a nonprofit organization, that mentors young girls to foster connection, real conversation, self-love & inspiration.

What is your favorite yoga pose and why?

Pigeon. It’s a love/hate pose. I have aversion to it at the beginning because everything in my body ceases up. But then I use my yoga-ninja skills and remember to breathe and everything softens. The more I practice leaning into what I resist, and moving from a place of gentleness and love, the more expansive I feel.

What keeps you inspired, where do you look?

Inspiration is everywhere. It’s not just the big stuff. It’s also finding magic in the mundane and every day moments. Every circumstance offers a teaching. Every relationship serves as a teacher. The real inspiration is to keep our hearts open to the lesson. This is where the magic happens.

What do you do to unwind?

Wine, friends, long walks and spending time with my husband are great ways to relax.

If you had to eat your last meal on earth, what would it be?

Does a bacon cheeseburger, with a side of fries and a side of truffle mac n’ cheese count for one meal?

Your life is a movie, what is the title song off the soundtrack?

I love movies and music. Life changes too fast to just pick one. But in this moment, it would be “Good Life” by kanye west.

If someone was entirely new to Seattle what three experiences or places would you point them to?

  1. Chihuly Gardens & Glass and happy hour at Barolo ($9 bolognese and $5 wine)
  2. Grab a chocolate croissant at Sea Wolfe Bakery in Fremont, walk to Gas works park for a sweet view and take my4:30yin class Monday at Bala Yoga.
  3. Go for a sunset walk to Kerry Park in Queen Anne and have dinner at How to Cook a Wolf.

Seattle Yoga Teacher

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