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About Katonah Yoga

October 17 2017

katonah yoga

Katonah Yoga was founded by Nevine Michaan of Katonah Yoga Center over 40 years ago. Influenced by the study of Hatha yoga, Chinese theory, and sacred geometry, she created, developed and continues to refine this unique practice. A opposed to Hindu myths and philosophy, Katonah study is taught through Taoist thought, a Chinese philosophy, which is several thousand years old. Katonah uses techniques of origami folding, geometric measure and the use of ancient numerical archetypes to infuse the practice with dimension, energy and refinement. By this, it offers us a map to intuitive practice, and when the pose is measured well, the body supports its own structure rather than relying on muscle.

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katonah yoga

Three main principles of Taoism

  • Yin and Yang
  • Nature reveals its intelligence through pattern
  • Pattern Repeats 

The first Taoist principle of Katonah Yoga is the relationship between Yin and Yang. Just as Male and Female are necessary to each other through their opposing but complementary virtues, we have a left and a right side and our job is to find the middle, cultivating center; by this, a third foot, a third hand and a third eye is accomplished. This practice doesn’t just focus on the mat, but off the mat as well. By learning to adjust our awareness of give and take in relationships, we refine those relationships into healthy balances of power and receptivity. 

The second principle of Taoism is that the nature reveals its intelligence through pattern and this pattern includes the cycles of the sun, rhythms of the ocean waves, menstrual cycles, etc. Everything that is part of nature reflects a larger pattern and the body is no different. From the subtle patterns like our sleep cycles and digestive cycles, to obvious patterns like the seasons or aging, we are part of this natural world. Taoism believes that our job in yoga is to manipulate the patterns that don’t serve us, and to cultivate and develop new ones that will help us function better. By changing the physical body, we change the psychology of our mind. 

Last principal of Taoism addressed in Katonah is the idea of repetition. By repeating each pose several times, you are able to build new habits. With these new habits and patterns we can improve the patterns in our physical and psychological lives. Every time you consciously repeat a pose with new information, geometric measures, and with familiar habits, you evolve and eventually changes your awareness of who you are. 

The fusion of Toaist and classical Yogic thought that produces a poetry of interpretation will make your practice with Katonah Yoga a truly unique experience.

To learn more about the practice of Katonah Yoga we’ve included some links for you to check out!

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