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Hey Sister: All About Boobs

June 22 2017

Natural Breast Health

Introducing ‘Hey Sister’ a new series in which we explore women’s wellness & wellbeing with the Bala Community!

Hey ladies! Breast health is important for so many reasons, but especially to prevent cancer or other serious diseases in the body. One of the best ways for breasts to naturally flush themselves of toxins is through lymphatic pathways in the armpits, upper chest, and around the breast tissue. The lymphatic vessels in our bodies are very thin, they are extremely sensitive to pressure and are easily compressed which is why it is so important to create space for these lymphs and do things that promote the natural flow of these systems. Below are my are my tips for overall breast health and wellness and the best ways to keep your lymphs flowing and clear. This is what has worked for me, everybody and every body is different, so take what you need.

Natural Breast Health

1. BRAS: I do the best I can to avoid bras altogether, but I especially avoid underwire bras of any kind. The metal in underwire bras can act as a sort of antenna attracting electromagnetic fields and directing those fields toward your precious breast tissue and other internal organs. Underwire bras or very tight “supportive bras” also create lots of tension around the bra line. This cuts off important lymphatic pathways and blocks energy from moving freely in that sacred part of your body. When the lymphatic pathways are blocked, it can cause toxic lymphatic fluid (that your body is trying to detox) to get stuck and stagnant. Here is a link for bras I really like that actually provide support and coverage.

2. BREAST OIL: One of my nightly rituals is taking Julia’s Good Medicine Breast Oil, mixing it with a couple drops of iodine and rubbing it on my breasts. The breast oil is made with organic herbs and essential oils specifically for the breast tissue. This oil combined with iodine, known to support/promote breast health in Chinese medicine, make an awesome combination for healthy lymphatic flow and overall wellness. I have also noticed a huge difference in my breasts when sticking to this ritual. These oils have made my breasts much less fibrous and less tender, especially before and during my menstrual cycle.

3. LYMPTH FLOW: Trampoline + lymphatic drainage + yoga. When I regularly exercise or use specific therapies/techniques, I notice a huge difference in lymphatic flow and drainage, especially near my breast/arm pit area. There are lots of ways to stimulate the lymphs around your breasts, but the ones I love are of course yoga, jumping on a small home trampoline, and dry skin brushing. If I am feeling especially backed up, I schedule a lymphatic drainage session at Comprehensive Medical Center where they combine traditional manual lymphatic drainage techniques with noble gas.

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