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Fully Immersed In The Now!

April 22 2014

As teacher training winds down to the final weeks, my mind is reeling. When I began this journey, the 200 hour Teacher Training, I was a 51 year old, fairly serious (4-5 times a week) yoga practitioner entering my fourth year of practice. Yoga did something special for me and the purpose of entering the teaching program was as much about deepening my practice as it was about exploring the idea of teaching yoga. Several of my friends who teach yoga helped me wrangle with the decision. Though the expression is over used, my friends said I would be transformed. And I am. Ask my husband, my children, my friends.

Not only did I bond with the bright, loving people who are my fellow teacher training candidates, so many of the questions I had about yoga’s purpose in my life were answered by Carina Terra and Carla Hassell, the masterful instructors who ran the program. The depth and breadth of knowledge and experience they brought to the program was astounding. It made me wish the training was 500 hours long.  In addition to their expertise, we had multiple lectures and demonstrations with experts in the history of yoga, anatomy of yoga and holistic nutrition. We also received an incredible compilation of writings, texts, photos and reference materials assembled by Carina to use as we move forward as teachers. It is hard to believe I was ever hesitant about jumping in. But now I am immersed and ready for the next step.

–  Regina Bock


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