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Evolution of the Yogi - Master Classes for Teachers

Aug 25, Sept 29, Oct 22

Join Audrey Sutton for a three-part series designed to help yoga instructors deliver an encompassing experience that is authentic to their unique voice.

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Oct 7-29, 2017 – Sat & Sun Only (Kirkland)

Join Bala Instructor, Pamela Chang, for a 50-hour Yin Yoga training designed for aspiring Yin teachers, existing Yin teachers, and Yin practitioners interested in enhancing their understanding of the practice.

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The Bala Ethos


Our classes are heated to a comfortable 85 degrees, so that you leave your practice feeling energized, rejuvenated, and cleansed. This temperature is lower than you’ll find at most hot yoga or bikram studios, so that we can invite movement and make Bala welcoming for yogis of all levels.


Classes at Bala are set to an eclectic range of music playlists designed by each instructor to take you deeper. The playlists are curated to enhance your experience of the yoga practice, feeling their rhythm and energy come alive within physical embodiment.


Bala yoga is a community for all yogis. We recognize that not one style fits all, and that your needs change from day to day. To accommodate this philosophy, we’ve built a full spectrum offering, including classes from vinyasa to yin, that challenge, nurture, and suit each yogi’s lifestyle.

Join the Tribe!you, us, and a whole lot of OM.

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